• Installs: Prepare an area for wood acclimation
    • We’ll deliver your wood floor approximately 1 week prior to install. Please prepare an area in your home for acclimation. Proper acclimation allows the moisture content of the wood to adjust to the conditions in the room. Acclimation times are shorter to laminate/engineered floors.
  • Remove furniture
  • Empty closets/pantries
  • Remove items from countertops
  • Draw blinds, lift or remove window treatments to protect fabric
  • Kitchen: Remove oven, refrigerator, dishwasher*
  • Bathroom: Remove toilet*


  • Please keep children and pets away from any area that we’re servicing.
  • Refinishing service
    • This is an intricate process. Our experienced craftsmen will determine the proper grit(s) of sandpaper required and the number of sanding passes necessary for each grit. This will gently remove any old finish, scratches and/or embedded dirt, yet not allow too much wood to be removed with each pass. The floor may need to be sanded two to four times depending on the age, type of finish, and condition/species of the wood being finished.
  • Stain or natural state
    • If you’ve selected to have a stain applied to your floors, we’ll provide you with a few samples directly on your floor. The final product will look slightly different after the finishing coats.
  • Finish
    • Your floors are not fully completed until all three (or more) coats of finish are completely cured. Floors will appear to have a ‘glossy’ look when they are still wet. This will subside within 12 hours.


  • Allow 24 hours before walking on floors
  • Allow 48 hours before placing any furniture/pets on floors
    • Place felt pads on the legs of ALL furniture
  • Allow one week before placing carpets or other area rugs on floors
  • Do NOT use water on your floors for one week

If you have questions during any state of your service, please do not hesitate to ask. After the floors settle (1-2 weeks), if there are any areas that need our attention, please contact us! *Our craftsmen can help! There is a small fee associated with additional services.