Bellingham Flooring Installation | Fairhaven Floors

Flooring Installation

Tired of seeing the same old floors beneath your feet? Want to wow your guests or customers with every step they take? Nothing catches the eye quite like the beautiful luster of a new floor. Whether you’re looking to transform your space or simply spruce up your home or business, Fairhaven Floors can deliver the look you’ve been pining for. We offer a variety of hardwood and laminate options, allowing you to get the perfect look for your living or work space.
Bellingham Floor Refinishing | Fairhaven Floors

Floor Refinishing

There’s no feeling quite like stepping out of the barbershop or salon with a new look, or like driving through your neighborhood after getting your car washed and detailed. Now you can give your floors the same luxurious treatment with Fairhaven Floors’ team of expert floor refinishers. Even great floors need some love from time to time and nobody treats the space you walk on better than us!
Hardwood Floor Repair | Fairhaven Floors

Flooring Repairs

Whether you know it or not, your floors are working hard for you every day. They support our bodies, our furniture, our pets, and the occasional dropped dish. As such, many floors sustain damage throughout their lifetimes. Cracks, dents, scratches, scuffs, and dings happen to the floors in any home or business but you can restore them to their original glory with Fairhaven Floors premier repair services. Hardwood, laminate, carpet, or tile – Fairhaven Floors will renew the strength and beauty of your floors quickly and professionally.
Trim and Mouldings | Fairhaven Floors

Trim & Moldings

At Fairhaven Floors, we know and appreciate the value of details. The difference between average and brilliant can be as simple as the quality of your trim. From baseboards to crown molding, window frames to door frames, Fairhaven Floors can put the finishing touches on your home or business with elite trim products and services.


Decks | Fairhaven Floors

Decks & Outdoor Spaces

Decks allow us to relax, barbecue, garden, sun bathe, play with our children, and so much more. Your deck provides you with the luxury of outdoor living right in your own home, so pay it back with the type of detailed care that Fairhaven Floors provides. Whether you need repair, replacement, or the all-important weather-proofing, let the experienced team at Fairhaven Floors give you the at-home outdoor experience you deserve.